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June 2017
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A languid bit of banter from Rob in this long overdue installment of 'I Digress' - I guess one could consider this a 'classic' Workshed. A Rob, a dog and a Benny. 


This is a Blinkist episode so it is. 

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Joining Ian Lawton in the Workshed is Ted Meissner the Executive Director of the Secular Buddhist Association and host of The Secular Buddhist podcast.

In this episode we discuss the origins of secular buddhism, what that actually means to those of us who identify as atheist, yet have a healthy affiliation with Eastern thought and philosophy.

Can there really be a non-religious religion?

Ted's online home:

Books mentioned in the episode:

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Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design is Wrong For Our Schools by Eugenie Scott

Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana

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Episode 09 - Dog Thoughts Extra #01 | A Litter Rant

First in a new series of BONUS episodes of Dog Thoughts, Dog Thoughts Extra.

(And an excuse to use up residual monthly upload allowance (forgive the tiny bitrate))

Ian shares his feelings about litter and litterers without pulling any punches. Yes, a grumpy old man with first world problems. Boo hoo.

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In this episode host Ian Lawton had the opportunity to sit for an hour with Theravada Buddhist monk Bhante Bodhidhamma where they discuss among other things The Dharma, Atheism & Science.

This episode has no sponsor.

Below are links to the two books mentioned by Bhanti in this episode:

Here is a link to an archive of some of Bhanti's many Dharma Talks:

Bhanti's own website:

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Joining host Ian Lawton in the Workshed is Michael Morey from Mind Left Body podcast. A conversation that goes some unexpected & beautiful places yet nicely counterbalanced by Ben Red in another joyful installment of Misanthropy Rising to close. A very balanced episode.

You can listen to Michael's heartfelt Mind Left Body podcast here:

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A podcast about a podcast in this extended episode of Misanthropy Rising with Ben Red.

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Ian is back. A short but sweet announcment of such with a bonus Dog Thoughts. More to come in time.

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We're back! Host Ian Lawton digresses with Robert Holt about cautionary tales, summoning dark spirits and offer more pseudo parenting advice. Dog Thoughts gets preachy and Ben Red shares his New Years resolutions in Misanthropy Rising.

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Episode 03 - Charlie and the Giant Peach

Our heroes get christmassy. Even Benny. Todays episode is brought to you by Badgers. For more info visit

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Episode 02 - Vegetarian Option

Host Ian Lawton talks with Robert Holt in 'I Digress' on the subject of diet, childhood figures revealed as perverts and the value of The Tooth Fairy. 'Dog Thoughts' get specific & Ben Red in Misanthropy Rising shows his affection for Apple products.

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