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Episode 22 - Dog Thoughts Extra #6 | Negativity Bias & Memory Loss

A rather pointless and ill prepared 18 minutes of nonsense.

Still, could be worse. Could've easily been 20 minutes. 

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In the ultimate "low hanging fruit" episode, guest host Robert Holt interviews regular host Ian Lawton about his life as an indie film guy. Probably the most narcissistic episode of a podcast ever produced, yet strangely fun.


Dog Thoughts dismisses the spite burger and Ben Red pulls no punches on solidarity profile pics in Misanthropy Rising.


A bumper episode of Workshed Podcast.


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G'luck t'yiz 

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In this episode host Ian Lawton speaks with self proclaimed Queer, Radical, Activist Thomas Dunning. This lengthy talk covers the subjects of gun violence, homophobia, racism, feminism & alcoholism, to name but a few, but with a healthy dose of spirituality, love and friendship.

Dog Thoughts waxes lyrical on driverless cars while Benny Red pulls no punches yet again on Misanthropy Rising to close out the show.

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A "classic" workshed episode. A Rob, a dog & a Benny. 

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In this episode, host Ian Lawton talks with Canadian Sci-Fi author Jason Kufner where they talk about everything from Science Fiction to self publishing, from Guns to Buddhism, from Psychedelics to everything in between...

It's a good talk.

Jason's Twitter: @subatomicbuddha

Benny & Ian discuss a controversial topic in Misanthropy Rising that may be considered offensive to some, but why it is offencive to some is essentially the point of the discussion. 


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Episode 17 - Dog Thoughts Extra #5 | Dust For Something

An extended observation on the litter problem in my small town including the strange phenomenon of the "bag o' shite"...



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Episode 16 - Dog Thoughts Extra #4 | It's All Good

Short little message for those of you feeling the tug of the passage of time on New Year's Eve.


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Episode 15 - Skipping School for Star Wars

Yes, it's the obligatory dad's in their 40's Star Wars podcast special. Just shy of a two hour nerd fest as Ian is joined by actor Steve Wilson to geek out about all that is Star Wars. Benny is back in Misanthropy rising and a very special extra guest is peppered throughout the show. May the Force be with you!


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Episode 14 - Dog Thoughts Extra #03 | Remembering Carl

Short episode of Dog Thoughts Extra to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Carl Sagan.


Additional music by Chris Zabriskie

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In this episode host Ian Lawton had the opportunity to talk with trailblazing Buddhist monk Dawai Gocha, where they discuss his pioneering concept of bringing meditation online.

A concept that, despite its innovation, has been somewhat marred with controversy. 

Please check out Dawai's website and consider signing up:

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