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Dec 31, 2015

Short little message for those of you feeling the tug of the passage of time on New Year's Eve.


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Dec 29, 2015

Yes, it's the obligatory dad's in their 40's Star Wars podcast special. Just shy of a two hour nerd fest as Ian is joined by actor Steve Wilson to geek out about all that is Star Wars. Benny is back in Misanthropy rising and a very special extra guest is peppered throughout the show. May the Force be with you!



Dec 20, 2015

Short episode of Dog Thoughts Extra to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Carl Sagan.


Additional music by Chris Zabriskie

This episode is brought to you  by Blinkist.

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Dec 2, 2015

In this episode host Ian Lawton had the opportunity to talk with trailblazing Buddhist monk Dawai Gocha, where they discuss his pioneering concept of bringing meditation online.

A concept that, despite its innovation, has been somewhat marred with controversy. 

Please check out Dawai's website and consider signing...